Crochet with Zpagetti Yarn

Zpagetti Yarn

30th January 2015 UPDATE: Find out about our NEW chunky yarn, Ribbon XL here

A few months ago I discovered Zpagetti Yarn, and I was instantly hooked (pun intended). If you haven’t heard of  Zpagetti, it is a unique yarn made from the offcuts of new collection fabrics from the fashion industry. It is a sustainable material and consists of strips of high quality elastic cotton. Zpagetti is available in an ever-changing range of gorgeous modern colours.

Small Crochet Zpagetti Bowl

Zpagetti Bowl Chocolate Stripes

I’ve experimented with different cones of Zpagetti, and the feel and finishes are quite varied. Some colours are super stretchy and glossy, others have a rougher texture and are low stretch.

The cones come in three different sizes: M (weighs between 650 and 800 grams), L (weighs between 800 and 950 grams) and XL (weighs over 950 grams) and most patterns advise what weight is required to complete the project. I have found this a little tricky to determine because the labels on the cones don’t indicate the weight, however much of this info can be found on the Hoooked website if you need to look it up. Depending on the amount of stretch (and the weight), certain colours are more suited to certain patterns, but I have based most of my decisions so far on colour alone, and have found the yarn to be quite versatile.

A chunky 12mm hook is required to crochet with Zpagetti, and it can take some getting used to! I have been using the 12mm bamboo hook recommended by Hoooked and I find it very comfortable to work with. I love the speed at which the crochet stitches build up with the bulky yarn and big hook!  Although I am not a knitter, I believe it is also possible to knit with Zpagetti.

Some gorgeous patterns can be found on the Hoooked Zpagetti website, and Ravelry is a great source of ideas, tips and inspiration. So far I have  made some bowls, my version of the Ventimiglia Handbag, and even a couple of easy bangles. I am part way through the Milano handbag. Most of the patterns have involved a bit of trial-and-error to get them just right, but the idea with Zpagetti is that you adjust the number of stitches according to the weight and stretch of the yarn you are using.

For more images and pattern info you can find my crochet projects on Ravelry here.

Have you tried Zpagetti? Do you have any tips for working with this yarn, or any pattens to share?

30th January 2015 UPDATE: Find out about our NEW chunky yarn, Ribbon XL here

Happy crafting!

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